We manufacture furniture and fittings for public environments and have three main focus areas:

We create unique custom solutions in project form to furnish offices and public environments. Our assignment encompasses project planning and purchasing, preparation, production, delivery and assembly.

We organise production of specifically designed models or parts of a range for well-known brands and other end customers. 

We produce entire furniture and fittings collections for chains and special labels, for example.


Project planning: from concept to the finished article
In the beginning someone has to come up with the concept – an architect, designer, interior designer or customer. We look into how it can be made a reality. Project planning includes technical design and preparation in CAD. A bare outline is transformed into a drawing. We use this drawing to build a prototype, which is tested before the furniture goes into production. 

A far-reaching assignment like Segerstedthuset, the administration building at Uppsala University, requires a good deal of project planning and technical design, areas that we have become specialists in over the years.
— Jukka Tallbacka, CEO, Facctory. 

Meticulous measuring
Creating a design that is unique to the customer for a fixed interior requires meticulous measuring of the space to be furnished. Sofas, booths, panels, sound absorbers and other products to be installed must all fit exactly. The production of site-built fittings within the framework of a complex project places strict demands on precision, responsiveness, planning and logistics.


Assembly and quality assurance
Employees from our authorised stockists wait at the final destination’s loading bay to unload the consignment and assemble Facctory’s products. On request, our own staff can assemble the products and thus quality assure the installation on site.


Loading and logistics
The finished furniture and fittings are carefully packed before they leave Facctory for delivery to the end customer. This can be a complicated procedure; a large batch of sofas are delivered on a trailer to the headquarters of French bank Société Générale. On the outskirts of Paris the consignment is unloaded and transferred to smaller vehicles that are approved for built-up areas. There is an environmental aspect with a focus on sustainability in everything we do.